Unheard Stories of Ramayana – Rama and Lakshman

12 Nov 2020  Thu

The Ramayana is one of the two great epics of India. But a lot of stories from Ramayan are not very well-known. Here is a compilation of some such interesting tales...! This is the story of Rama’s Death and the Lakshman.

Ram wouldn't die as Hanuman wouldn't allow Yama (God of Death) to enter Ayodhya to claim Ram. To divert Hanuman's attention Ram dropped his ring through a crack in the floor and asked Hanuman to fetch it back for him. Going down Hanuman reached the land of serpents and asked the King for Ram's ring. The king showed Hanuman a vault filled with rings all of which were Ram's. He told a shocked Hanuman that when in the cycle of time a Ram is to die he drops a ring down the crack so that a Hanuman can be diverted from his guard.

Lakshman never saw the face of Sita! When abducted by Ravana Sita threw jewellery so that Rama would find his way. When Rama found the jewellery, he showed it to Lakshmana who did not recognize any of them except her anklets. As Lakshmana never raised his gaze from Sita's feet, he could only remember her anklets.

Image Courtesy: todywalla.com

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