Suktimati copper Karshapana

11 Nov 2020  Wed

Ancient India had city-states which acted as a prominent trade centre. To enhance and enlarge the trade and economy they issued coins to trade with the neighbouring states. One such city-state was Suktimati. Located on the banks of the river Shuktimati, it was the capital city of the Chedi Kingdom.

The given coin image is one of the specimens of Suktimati coinage (200 BC). It is a Copper Karshapana punched marked coin weighing 1.49 grams. The obverse of the coin depicts four distinct punches of six-armed symbol, Ujjain symbol, a tree in railing, prancing horse marching to right, The reverse of this coin depicts traces of Brahmi legend ‘sutimati’ in the centre.

Another coin of suktimati Copper Karshapana weighing 2.75 grams. The obverse has horse walking to the right, six-armed symbols with alternate taurine and arrowhead, Ujjain symbol and tree in the railing. The reverse has a Brahmi legend ‘Suktimati’ and Ujjain symbol.

Image Courtesy: Marudhar arts

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