Unheard Stories of Ramayana – Hanuman

11 Nov 2020  Wed

The Ramayana is one of the two great epics of India. But a lot of stories from Ramayan are not very well-known. Here is a compilation of some such interesting tales...! The First Story is about the Birth of Hanuman. We all know the story of baby Hanuman and the Sun but we don’t know the story of the Birth of the Monkey God of India.

Dashratha – the King of Ayodhya summoned Agni to grant him a boom that would give him capable sons. Agni agreed and presented him with “sacred pudding” which Dashratha shared among his wives. However, one Portion of the pudding was snatched by the eagle who dropped it where Anjana (the mother of Hanuman) was meditating.

Pavana – the wind god delivered the drop to her outstretched hands. After she took the divine dessert, she gave birth to Hanuman. It is, thus, believed that Lord Shiva incarnated as a monkey, and was born as Hanuman to Anjana, by the blessings of Pavana, who thus became Hanuman's godfather.

Above coin is a Gold Pagoda of Kadamba Dynasty of Hangal which depicts Hanuman seated with head to right on the obverse along with conch and Ankush at feet and the Kannda Legend "Nakara" in Kannada in exergue. The reverse, on the other hand, depicts a floral spray within a decorative lotus border.

Image Courtesy: numisbids.com

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