Yellapragada Subbarow honors on stamp

06 Nov 2020  Fri

Few of the major scientific discoveries left an impact throughout the globe. Very few changed the point of view of generations and society. Dr. Subbarow was one of them. Dr Yellapragada Subbarow was the sharpest medical mind of the new era and a genius in the medical world.

Dr Subbarow was born at Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh on 12th January 1895. He attended the Madras Medical College and his interest lied in systemising Ayurvedic drugs to achieve better results in fighting diseases. He later attended the Harvard Medical School (1923) where he researched to reveal the processes of life and enrich the benefits of Vitamins.

His gifts to mankind include folic acid which conquered tropical sprue. Dr Subbarow’s research led to the discovery of ATM (Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated) and Phosphocreatine which played an important role in unfolding the mystery of life force.

He died on August 8, 1948, in New York. To celebrate and motivate new generation from his achievements India Post issued a commemorative stamp in 1995.

Image Source: istampgallery

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