Summer Olympic Games Stamp by Belgium

21 Oct 2020  Wed

Summer Olympic of 1960 was held at Rome from 25th August to 11th September 1960. Rome won the bid to conduct the Olympic Games after beating Brussels, Mexico City, Tokyo, Detroit, Budapest and Lausanne.

The Olympic featured 17 different sports encompassing 23 disciplines.

Belgium had sent 101 competitors, out of which 93 were men and 8 women. They took part in 64 events in 16 sports. They won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in the Summer Olympics of 1960. The Soviet won the most gold and overall medals at the 1960 Games.

Therefore, Belgium has issued 5 stamps on the Rome Olympic Games theme.

Here, Singapore participated for the first time under its flag. South Africa competed for the last time under its apartheid regime.

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