Remembering brave leader of India: Immanuel Seraran

09 Oct 2020  Fri

Immanuel Sekaran, was a freedom fighter, Civil Rights Activist and worker for the Indian National Congress in Tamil Nadu, India.

Born on October 9, 1924, in the Sellur village, Immanuel Sekaran participated in the Quit India movement at the age of 18 and was imprisoned by the British for 3 months. He joined the Army as a havildar major in 1945, before returning to his home district of Ramanathapuram as a Youth Congress leader.

The Ramanathapuram District in 1957 experienced frequent violent clashes between Dalits and higher caste Hindus and also political dissensions, both issues becoming increasingly interlinked. In this climate of dispute and violence, Immanuel Sekaranar was murdered on 11 September 1957. He was only 33 years old when he met his unfortunate end.

The anniversary of Devendrar's death is celebrated annually as Devendrar Jayanti by Pallar people in Tamil Nadu. The Government of India had issued a postal stamp in his name, honouring him as a freedom fighter, political leader and a civil rights activist.

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