Dove and Cedar Coin of Israel

21 Sep 2020  Mon

‘Dove and Cedar Coin’ of Israel was issued in the year 1991 among the series of Song of Songs which is perhaps the most sublime love poem ever written.

Attributed to King Solomon, the Song of Songs is regarded as a conversation between the People of Israel and God and an expression of God's deep and eternal love for Israel. Some take the poems at face value, as expressions of the innocent human love of shepherds and shepherdesses in the bosom of nature.

All agree on the beauty of its poetry, which reflects a deep love of the landscape, springtime, and flora and fauna of Israel. The "Cedar and Dove" Commemorative Coin is first in the "Flora and Fauna from the Song of Songs" Series. He sings to her: "Thou art fair my love... thou hast dove's eyes, " while to her, he is "excellent as the cedars".

The coin comes in two denominations 2 New Sheqalim for silver and 5 New Sheqalim for gold. The Reverse depicts a dove in flight with clefts of rock in the background. Around the border, biblical is a quote "THOU HAST DOVES' EYES and the mint year 1991 / 5752. The obverse depicts two cedar trees along with Israel State Emblem on the right. Image Courtesy:

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