Brahmika Sari

19 Sep 2020  Sat

It takes one step to set the trend which other starts following. The story of Brahmika sari is also the same. As one can see, the upper class in the 18th century of India was both influenced by and involved with the European circle. The social reform that followed has a great impact from Bombay to Calcutta by the eminent families. Janandanandini Devi, belonging to the famous Tagore family was deeply influenced by such changing and newly introduced style of sari while living in Bombay.

This required her to dress differently from which the traditional Bengali style of wearing sari has emerged. It is said while in Gujarat with her husband, Janandanandini improvised upon the sari worn by the Parsi women. She created her style by draping the Pallu over the left shoulder- so the right hand is free for socialising. The blouse was intricate and beautiful with high collars attached with ribbon, frills, jabots and brooches which were popular in the 1870s.

This sari was called Thakurbaria sari- ‘a sari worn by the Tagore’s (a leading Brahmo family) and was supported by the Brahmo Samaj. Hence, more and more Brahmos started wearing the sari in this manner; it came to be popularly known as the Brahmika Sari through India.

India Post issued a stamp depicting a Bramos lady wearing the stylish and elegant Brahmika sari on the stamp in 2019.

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Image Courtesy: colnet

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