Surando - an ancient folk musical instrument of Kutch

17 Sep 2020  Thu

India is a country filled with cultural values and rich heritage has no dearth of musical arts. Numerous folk musical instruments fill the air of this land with brilliant vibrancy. One such musical instrument is Surando.

Traditionally used by the Fakirani Jat community in the areas of Kutch, the melodiously rich Surando is regarded to be a tricky instrument to master. Over the years the charming sounds of the Surando whose bow is strung with the tail of a horse have been silently disappearing in the vastness of the Kutch lands.

Osman Jat is the last known master of this instrument and as he strums his deft fingers across the strings, this quaint art of creating music which he acquired from his forefathers is brought to life but unfortunately might soon be extinct.

Surando known in Kutch is believed to have been well known as Sarinda in northern parts of India and in Sind of Pakistan. It is beautifully featured on the commemorative postage stamps issued by India Postal Department in 2020.

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