Lion of the Norwegian Coat of Arms on the Rigsdaler Coin

16 Sep 2020  Wed

The rigsdaler currency was circulated in Norway until 1816 and in Denmark until 1873. The similar kind currencies: Reichsthaler, riksdaler, and rijksdaalder were used in Germany and Austria-Hungary, Sweden, and the Netherlands, respectively.

Norway issued rigsdaler currency in two types, the rigsdaler courant, and the rigsdaler specie. The rigsdaler courant was equivalent to 96 skillings and rigsdaler specie to 120 skillings. After Sweden and Norway union, the rigsdaler specie has renamed the speciedaler and became the standard unit of currency in Norway.

The 1628 rigsdaler coin features the lion of the Norwegian Coat of Arms on the reverse and portrait of King Christian IV on the obverse side. Christian IV was King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Holstein and Schleswig between 1588 and 1648. His reign was the longest rule in the history of Danish and Scandinavian monarchies.

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