25 years of democracy in South Africa

15 Sep 2020  Tue

Democracy is a system of government in which power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or through freely elected representatives. 2019 marks a monumental 25 years of Constitutional Democracy for the nation of South Africa. This coin was issued as part of the SA25 coin series celebrating 25 years of democracy in South Africa.

To reinvigorate national pride, the South African Mint released the SA25 themed coin range under the series Celebrating South Africa. South Africans were consulted on their interpretation of democracy and freedom and shared the symbols that they associate with these values. This commemorative coin range was then developed, giving everyone an opportunity to reflect on our diverse identity as a country. This coin was designed by artist Peter Mammes who wanted to depict the ethnicity, diversity, and an ethos of equality of the people of the nation.

The obverse shows the Coat of Arms of South Africa at the centre, dividing the date 2020, with the legend SOUTH AFRICA written around in all the eleven official languages of the country. The designer's initials ALS (for Arthur L. Sutherland) are to the left of the Coat of Arms.

The reverse of the coin bears two hands and fingers intertwined as a symbol of unity between the people of the South African nation. The phrase WE THE PEOPLE - inscribed centrally - has become a commonly known global phrase, extolling democracy, the establishment of justice, and the striving for an ethos of equality.

Image Courtesy: onlinecoin.club

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