Immigrant's Day in Argentina

04 Sep 2020  Fri

Immigrant's Day is celebrated annually in Argentina on national level on September 4. This day is widely celebrated by people of Argentina.

Immigration to Argentina played a very important role in the development of cultural identity of the state. The mass wave of immigration started in the 19th century, when Italians and Spanish came to Argentina. Jews also arrived to Argentina seeking for protection from prosecution during the wars. Nowadays about 2 million people of Argentina were born outside of the country, that is 4,5% of the whole Argentinian population.

Celebration of Immigrant's Day was started in Argentina in 1949, when the National Migrations Office was created. The main event of the holiday is a national festival of immigrants. This event traditionally takes place in the city of Obera. The population of the city mostly consists from numerous colonies of immigrants, who came from Sweden, France, Norway, Finland, Russia, Germany, England, Lebanon and Denmark. Immigrants from 40 countries live in this city. Everyone can learn cultural traditions of different nations on this day.

Argentina post issued a Se-tenant Commemorative set of four stamps to hon our the immigrants of the country in the year 2002. The stamps come with the denomination of 75 Argentine centavo and depict Immigrants from France, Switzerland, Spain & Italy.

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