King Rajender Singh of Princely State Patiala

02 Sep 2020  Wed

Maharaja Sir Rajender Singh was the Maharaja of Princely State Patiala. Maharaja Sir Rajender Singh was the son of Maharaja Mahendra Singh, a member of the Phulkian Dynasty.

Maharaja Sir Rajender Singh ruled Princely State Patiala from the year 1876 CE and ruled it until 1900 CE. In the year 1897 CE, he was awarded as Grand Cross of the Star of India for his bravery, by the colonial government. During his reign, he became the first Indian to own a car, a French De Dion-Bouton. In the year 1892 CE,he became the first man in India (and largely the world at the time) to own an aircraft.

This silver Nazarana rupee was issued by Maharaja Sir Rajender Singh from the mint Sirhind.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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