1820 British Copper Pattern Coin

02 Sep 2020  Wed

A pattern coin is a coin that has not been approved for release but produced to evaluate a proposed coin design. Many coin collectors collect and study pattern coins because of their historical importance. The above coin is a copper pattern crown from 1820 for King George III of Britain features a design from France. It was created under the name of King George III whose reign began in 1760 and concluded with his death Jan. 29, 1820. The design is credited to Augustin Dupré, one of the famous and beautiful Libertas Americana medal. The pattern shows a seated Hercules, the Roman god, attempting to break fasces across his left knee, with lion skin and club behind him by the base of a Doric column. The shoreline and sea are to the right, with three sailing vessels. The date with two laurel branches tied beneath is in the exergue. The reverse shows crowned arms and a legend. The Latin legends translate to, on the obverse, “Strength united is stronger” and on the reverse, “An ornament and a safeguard.” Image Courtesy: coinworld.com

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