Argentine Tango Semipostal Stamp

02 Sep 2020  Wed

A semipostal stamp showing tango dancers was voted the most popular music stamp of 2019 in a poll organized by Motivgruppe Musik, the International Philatelic Music Study Group.

Evangelina Cinthia Raffaelli won the group’s Yehudi Menuhin trophy for her design for this Argentine 50-peso+25p semipostal issued Aug. 26, 2019 Raffaelli has been part of the design team in the philatelic department of Correo Argentino since 2013 and has designed several previous stamps, some also related to music.

Motivgruppe Musik reports this stamp was among the 66 from 44 postal administrations competing in the poll. The Argentine stamp received 222 votes, 6.87 percent of the total votes in the poll. The stamp shows two tango dancers on a grunge red background that depicts “Tango” written in yellow.

Coming in second with 197 votes was Chile’s stamp commemorating the Youth and Children’s Orchestras Foundation of Chile.

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