Copper Drachm of Indo-Greek Ruler Apollodotus

29 Aug 2020  Sat

This copper Drachm was issued by Indo-Greek ruler Apollodutus during his rule. Apollodotus I Soter was an Indo-Greek king who ruled India between 180 BCE and 160 BCE or between 170 BCE and 175 BCE. Apollodotus I ruled the western and southern part of Indo-Greek kingdom, he ruled the region from Taxila in Punjab to the areas of Sindh and possibly Gujarat.

Apollodutus I had issued a large number of bilingual coins in India. He also issued coins that depict animals.

The weight of this copper Drachm is around 1.48g. The obverse side of this coin depicts a Humped bull to right. The reverse side of this coin depicts Tripod in a Pellet border.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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