Muhammad Bin Sam

28 Aug 2020  Fri

Muhammad Bin Sam was the sultan of the Ghurid Empire, he is also known as Muhammad Bin Ghori. He was born in the year 1162 CE as Muhammad Bin Ghori, he took the name Muhammad Bin Sam after sitting on the throne. Muhammad Bin Sam is considered as one of the founders of Muslim rule in India.

Muhammad Bin Sam ruled the vast area comprising the part of modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. He ruled along with this elder brother Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad, which later widely came to be known as the Ghurid or Ghorid Empire.

This gold dinar was struck in his name is a posthumous issue Hijri date 604. The obverse of these coins is inscribed as ‘‘As Sultan al- AzamMuizz-udDuniya-wa al-Din Abu al Muzaffar Muhammad bin Sam’ within a square on the obverse side. The Reverse side of the coin is inscribed as ‘La lailla Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, al Nasir li-Din Allah Amir al muminin’.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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