Constitution Day of Indonesia

18 Aug 2020  Tue

Constitution Day in Indonesia is observed on 18th August to honor the birth of the 1945 Constitution of the country. The constitution was written in June, July, and August 1945, when Indonesia was emerging from Japanese control at the end of World War II.

The 1945 Constitution then set forth the Pancasila, the five nationalist principles devised by Sukarno, as the embodiment of basic principles of an independent Indonesian state. It provides for a limited separation of executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

In the year 1959, Indonesia Post issued a set of four stamps to commemorate the Readoption of the 1945 Constitution. The stamps were issued with the denominations ranging from 20 Indonesian sen to 1.50 Indonesian rupiah. The stamp depicts the year 1945 with a rising sun in the background with the name of the country at the bottom and the denomination at the top right corner.

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