Preserve Your Coins!

10 Aug 2020  Mon

Numismatist has a diverse and rich history. So, to preserve that collection one needs to store coins so they will not get damaged. If coins are kept properly they will worth more and will provide more money in the future.

Many coin collectors put their coins away for a long period of time without ever checking on them. The metals or alloys of coins are very much vulnerable to react with environmental factors. Consequently, it becomes a necessity to build a defense plan in order to preserve the coins collection.

Mintage World comes with exciting coins accessories- Lighthouse Coin Capsules .

These are the original coin capsules from Leuchtturm which gives the optimal protection for your coins. It is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic. The capsules are easy to open due to the outer edge and still have a secure closure. The pack has 10 transparent capsules of 17 mm size.

Disclaimer: We will deliver your order as soon as our system resume. Due to the lockdown deliveries may be restrained for a certain period. We appreciate your patience!

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