Catamarans Sport on Aruba’s Stamp

08 Aug 2020  Sat

Catamaran sport mainly performed in Oceanian and Maritime Southeast Asia. A Catamaran is a multi-hulled watercraft. It is a geometrically symmetric craft boat, achieves its stability from its wide beam. Austronesian people invented Catamarans.

Catamaran sport is designed to have two crews usually and be launched and landed from a beach. They often have trapezes to allow the crew to hike out and counterbalance during strong winds.

Cobra catamaran is a very interesting form of catamaran where the crew of one or two people on a trapeze. The dimension of the boat is 5 x 2.1 meters and a total weight of 77 kilograms. Such boats are used for racing or as a pleasure craft.

On 8th November 2007, Aruba issued a series of stamps on Catamarans. The perforations of these stamps were 14 x 13. The theme of catamaran shows various scenes such as Catamaran on the beach, Catamaran racing near race buoy, Competitor leaning offside of the catamaran, and Row of catamaran in a race.

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