Indian Handlooms

07 Aug 2020  Fri

Fashion adapts itself according to the changing times and thoughts of society, but it also repeats itself. In other words, one can say fashion is something that never goes out of the equation. The sense of fashion defines your caste, creed, and nationality, an easy way to distinguish people. If we take the example of India, it has rolled its textiles and yarns in the world from ancient times. The first evidence of the Indian looms was detected in Egypt after that, the finely woven and dyed cotton fabric was found in the Indus Valley civilization.

The Veda’s also talk about the gold fabric and the different weaving styles practiced by the people, they called it “Varna Sutra”. It is also mentioned in the later Samhitas and Brahmanas. The traditional handloom we see today traces its roots from the oldest forms of weaving, even the Buddhist scriptures talk about weaving practice of the ancient Indian people.

Indian states possess their own style, design, and technique of weaving. According to many gazettes and archives records, India has been the oldest cotton producer in the world. It was famous in the world for its craftsmanship in cotton weaving and dyeing, it has established a stronghold for itself.

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