Sanitizing the Currency Notes

07 Aug 2020  Fri

Not just in India, but people are confused about currency and Coronavirus all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, the public should exercise care when handling potentially infectious banknotes.

A person living in Seoul, placed an unspecified amount of 50,000-won bills in a washing machine to sanitize it, few even thought of microwaving the paper notes. When you come home you wash yourself or the packages you bought. But, how can the currency be sanitized which was exchanged with the vendor?

Some of the popular methods of cleaning the currency include vinegar and salt, soapy water, or even antibacterial spray. However, cleaning it in high temperatures or not using corrosive chemicals like bleach or chlorine is advisable. Instead, ironing will help. Put an old newspaper on the bottom and place your Rs 50,100 or even 2000 notes on it and iron them on low temperature.

Cleaning your coins is far simpler than disinfecting your notes.

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