Plastic Art of Argentine

06 Aug 2020  Thu

Plastic art is a physical manipulation of plastic molding for making sculptures. The material used in Plastic arts is stone or wood, concrete, glass, or metal. It is broadly comprised of visual arts (such as painting, sculpture, film, and photography.

Argentina felicitates the works of Lola Mora who was a sculptor. She is known today as a rebel and a pioneer of women in her artistic field. From the age of 20, she began to sculpting out of marble and granite. Her passion and dedication took her to Rome for higher studies. In those days, her sensual style and her status as a female artist made her controversial.

In 1903 her Nereids Fountain, created for the city of Buenos Aires, met bureaucratic problems at the city's Deliberative Council, which had the sculpture moved around from place to place.

Enormous numbers of copies came out on 5th July 1986. The size of the stamp is 40 x 30 mm and its perforation is 13 and a half.

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