75 Years of Hiroshima

06 Aug 2020  Thu

The most powerful weapon to ever be used against other humans was detonated by the United States in Japan 75 years ago. On August 6, 1945, a B-29 bomber famously known as the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, marking the first of two times the bomb has ever been used in warfare.

The death toll itself was mind-boggling. As many as 140,000 people ultimately died from the blast, but not all perished immediately. The residual health issues caused by intense radioactive fallout claimed thousands of lives in the months and years afterward as well. The atomic bombings effectively ended WWII, but they have since served as a brutal lesson about the dangers of nuclear warfare.

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima which has been remembered by the US Mint as the country issued a special commemorative coin which depicts the mushroom-shaped cloud of the Bomb explosion on one side and the Aircraft – Enola Gay that dropped the bomb on the other along with the map of Japan marked with the site of Bombing.

Image Courtesy: ebay.fr

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