Honeymoon Diaries of Royal Couple

03 Aug 2020  Mon

The royal couple Princess Anne and Mark Phillip got married on 14th November 1973 at Westminster Abbey in London. Princess Anne is the only daughter and second child of Queen Elizabeth II. While Mark Phillip is a retired British Army cavalry officer and a trained horseman and equestrian.

The wedding date was the 25thbirthday of her older brother, Charles, Prince of Wales. The day was declared a bank holiday and it was watched by 500 million audiences. The wedding dress of Anne was Tudor fashioned high collar, necked and waist with medieval-influenced sleeves. Phillips wore the full dress uniform of his regiment.

They went to their honeymoon by the royal yacht ‘Britannia’, traversing the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, they had a stay at Antigua. Antigua Island of West Indies is one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region.

On that account, Antigua issued stamps on the theme of their honeymoon visit on 15th December 1973. It was designed by G Drummond. The used printing process was Lithography.

Image Courtesy: Stampsoftheworld.co.uk

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