Copper Unit of Kushan Ruler Huvishka

30 Jul 2020  Thu

The word Kushan is derived from the Chinese term Guishang; they were one of the five branches of the Yuezhi confederation. Their origin is connected to Central Asia. The Kushan dynasty became one of the prosperous empires of India. This dynasty was established by Kujula Kadphises in 78 AD by gradually carving out a kingdom in the north-western part of ancient India.

Huvishka I was the fifth ruler of the Kushan dynasty, after sitting on the throne of Kushan dynasty king Huvishka I issued a variety of gold and copper coins. The coins issued by Huvishna I is a rich source of studying the Kushan era of art, history, and religion.

This copper unit was issued by Huvishka during his reign in the Kushan Empire. The obverse of this coin depicts king riding an elephant to right. The reverse of this coin depicts the moon god Mao.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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