Rare Silver Tetradrachm of Alexander the Great

30 Jul 2020  Thu

Alexander III (the Great) of Macedon had a famed military career his coins are more popular even after 2,300 years.

Among the rarest and most desirable of all ancient Greek coins, the famed decadrachms of Alexander the Great were struck at Babylon from the bullion seized after the city’s conquest from the Achaemenid Persians. The tetradrachms show the head of the mighty Herakles wearing his lion’s skin on the obverse, and the father of the Olympian pantheon, Zeus, seated on the reverse.

Estimates of surviving populations of this rarity range from 20 to 25 pieces. The scarcity of these issues suggests they may have served a ceremonial purpose, perhaps given as presentation pieces to high ranking officers or possibly to soldiers who distinguished themselves in the conquest of Persia.

This rare silver decadrachm of Alexander the Great was sold during Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles’ June 2 auction for USD 27,600.

Image Courtesy: coinworld.com

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