The Fiestas Patrias Peruanas

28 Jul 2020  Tue

The Fiestas Patrias Peruanas means Peruvian National Holiday. It is celebrated on July 28, in commemoration of Peru's Independence won by Jose de San Martin.

The Peruvian War of Independence was composed of a series of military conflicts in Peru beginning with viceroy Abascal military reconquest in 1811 in the battle of Guaqui, continuing with the definitive defeat of the Spanish Army in 1824 in the battle of Ayacucho

July 28 in each year commemorates the day that Peru gained its independence. General Jose de San Martin, known as Peru's liberator, proclaimed Peru's independence on this date. At dawn on the 28th, a 21 cannon salute begins flag-raising ceremonies as Peru remembers the anniversary of its birth.

The above-shown banknote is the 5 Peso banknote issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentine. The banknote depicts the portrait of Jose de San Martin on the obverse whereas the reverse depicts the statesmen of the Country along with Jose de San Martin.

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