Father of the Ottoman Empire

27 Jul 2020  Mon

Osman- I stand where myth and history meet. Starting as the chief of a small city in Anatolia, the master tactician soon expanded his empire throughout western Asia; at its height, it spanned three continents. His royal descendants ruled over modern-day Turkey for nearly seven centuries, from the Middle Ages until after the First World War.

The father of the Ottoman Empire Osman Gazi was born in 1258 in the town of Sogut. He was descended from the Kay? branch of the Oguz Turkmen. His father was Ertugrul Gazi and his mother was Hayme Sultan. Osman Gazi was just 23 when he succeeded the leadership of the Kayi Clan in Sogut, in 1281.

According to Edward Gibbon, Today on 27th July in the year 1299, Osman I invades the territory of Nicomedia for the first time, usually considered to be the founding day of the Ottoman state. The activities and personality of Osman as the founder of the state and dynasty are highly appreciated by historians of both the past and the present. The state and the dynasty of rulers are named after him.

Coins minted during the reign of Osman I identify Ertugrul, leader of the Kayi tribe, as his father. The obverse of a coin reads "Osman bin Ertugrul bin Gunduz Alp".

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