Silver Rupee of Mughal Emperor Alamgir II

25 Jul 2020  Sat

This silver rupee was issued by Mughal Emperor Alamgir II during his reign in Mughal Emperor. He issued this coin from the mint Gwalior during the first year of his reign in the Hijri year 1168.

The real name of Alamgir II was Aziz-ud-din AlamgirII, he was the son of Jahandar Shah. He sat on the Mughal throne with the help of one of his official Imad-ud-mulk; who had decomposed one of his predecessors Ahmad Shah Bahadur. He was the Sixteen Mughal Emperor of India who sat on the Mughal throne in the year 1754 CE and ruled it till 1759 CE. He took the Alamgir II after sitting on to the Mughal throne.

The obverse of this silver rupee is inscribed with the name and title of Alamgir II and the reverse side of this coin is inscribed with the mint name.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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