Gold Pagoda of Nayakas of Chitradurga

25 Jul 2020  Sat

The Nayakas of Chitradurga was the Indian dynasty that ruled the eastern part of Karnataka during the post-Vijaynagara period. During the rule of the Hoysala Empire and the Vijaynagar Empire, they served as feudatory Chiefdoms. After the fall of the Vijaynagar Empire, they also ruled as independent Chiefdom and during the times they also served as a vessel of Mysore Kingdom, Mughal Empire, and Maratha Empire. Later; under the rule of British their territories got merged into the provinces of Mysore.

This gold durgi pagoda which weighs around 3.29g was issued from Nayakas of Chitradurga. The obverse of this durgi pagoda depicts the image of Lord Krishna as BalGopala and the reverse of this gold pagoda depicts the Devanagari legend Krishnadeva Raya.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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