Mei Blossom on Taiwan Dollar

24 Jul 2020  Fri

The Bank of Taiwan replaced old Taiwan Dollar to a new one on 15th June 1949 at a ratio of 40,000 to one. This decision was taken to end the hyperinflation.

The half new Taiwan Dollar features Mei blossom on obverse and denomination on the reverse side. The composition of the coin have majorly copper and scarcely zinc and tin.

Mei Blossom originated around the Yangtze River in the south of China. Later, it introduced to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Its common names include Chinese plum, Japanese plum, and Japanese apricot. The flower also appears in traditional paintings and poetry of East Asia where it is mainly referred to as plum blossom.

The fruit of Plum blossom is used in juices, as a flavoring for alcohol, as a pickle in sauces and traditional medicines. The tree's flowering in late winter and early spring is highly regarded as a seasonal symbol.

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