Silver Tanka of Delhi Ruler Rukn al-din Firuz

24 Jul 2020  Fri

Rukn Al-Din Firuz was the son of Iltutmish, Rukn Al-Din Firuz Shah was the fourth sultan of Delhi Sultanate from the Mamluk Dynasty. He ruled Delhi for about six months. Before sitting on the throne of Delhi Sultanate, Rukn Al-Din Firuz elected as the Governor of the Royal State of Badayun.

Rukn Al-Din Sultanate as the king of Delhi Sultanate he was having qualities like physical aristocracy, courteous behavior, and resolved consciousness. He was a self-endowed person who uses to spend lots of his time resolving in music. The mother of Rukn Al-Din Firuz Shah, Shah Turkan took advantage of his behavior and took the entire power of the sultanate in her hand. Shah Turkan was a tyrannical ruler; on her command, many people of the kingdom got killed. In the year 1236 CE, after the death of IltutmishRukn Al-Din Firuz Shah got killed.

This silver tanka was issued by him during his reign in Delhi Sultanate in the Hijri year 634 from the mint Lahnauti. The obverse of this silver tanka inscribed as 'Al Sultan Al Azam Sham Al-DunyaWa'L Din Al-Sultan Al-MuazzamRukn Al DunyaWal Din Firuz Shah’. The reverse of this coin inscribed as ‘Fi Ahad Al-Imam AlmuntasirAmeer-Ul-Mominin’. This silver tanka was sold for INR 70,000 in an auction of Classical Numismatic Gallery which was held on 20th December 2019.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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