National Children's Day in Indonesia

23 Jul 2020  Thu

National Children's Day is annually celebrated in Indonesia on July 23. Although the holiday exists for a long time, many Indonesians still don't know about it.

This is a day for Indonesians to remember the importance and indispensability of children for the country’s future and the future of the world. Children’s Day is a good time to reflect on education in Indonesia, as well as children’s rights in Indonesia. Another benefit of realizing children’s potential on this day is urging an end to child exploitation in Indonesia.

The traditional celebration of Children's Day includes different cultural and educational events – sports competitions, games, fun activities, races, and poem readings. Children participating in the carnival wear traditional costumes, representing every province of Indonesia.

This 200 Rupiah banknote issued in the year 1998 depicts the back students in a school along with a teacher.

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