Gold Varaha of Hoysalas

23 Jul 2020  Thu

Hoysalas Empire, a Kannadiga power originated in India in the 10th century BC. Its capital was first located at Belur, later it was shifted to Dorasamudra also known as Halebeedu. The famous Ranavaanugraha sculpture in Halebeedu is the most refined masterpiece of Hoysala ‘s time. Hoysala was also known for their coin, this Varaha was issued by the Hoysalas of Dorasamudra it is one of a kind specimen, it weighs 4.01g.

The obverse of this coin depicts a maned lion facing left facing representing large and small disjoined pellets. Above it, an Umbrella/Chhatra like object is depicted flanked with sun and moon symbol. On the reverse of this coin legend in the Kannada language is inscribed in three lines, which read, ‘Sri Ma/la pa ro/lug an NDA’. This coin is listed in the K.Ganesh book, its reference number is 8.5.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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