6 Yo Japanese stamp

23 Jul 2020  Thu

This Japanese stamp’s catalog value is 336,900 dollars and was sold by the Postiljonen Jubilee Auction for 124,635 dollars in Sweden. All the existing copies of this stamp are owned by great Japanese collectors. According to philatelist acquiring this stamp is akin to fairytale

One stamp of this type was discovered by a Scandinavian Philatelist in a large All World collection from a European auction house. This stamp is the seventh copy of this stamp type known to date. It is also considered the best existing copy by the Japanese experts.

This stamp is also called Egg-brown 6 in Japan. It is a 6 SEN of the Cherry Blossom issue from 1875 in orange-brown color with syllabic (control number) 15 and before this find, only 6 other copies were known.

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Image Courtesy: www.justcollecting.com

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