Copper coin of Parthians

22 Jul 2020  Wed

The Paratarajas is recorded as the royal family from western Pakistan. They are also known as the Parthian rulers of the Baluchistan. Paratarajas are connected and thought to be identical with Parthava in the Iranian literature, in Greek records they are referred to as the Parthians. In Indian literature, they are called Paaradas.

This copper drachma of Paratarajas was issued during the reign of King Koziya, he was the son of Kozana. A diademed bust of King facing right is illustrated wearing an elaborated head-dress with holding a sceptre within the dotted border on the obverse side. The reverse of this coin depicts swastika on the centre-left with Kharosthi legend inscribed around it, which reads ‘Koziyasa Kozanaputra Paratarajasa’. This coin belongs to later-reign issued.

The coins of Paratarajas also depict Brahmi legend, usually on the silver coins. The coinage of this dynasty is similar to the coinage of Indo-Parthians and western satraps. The coins depicting the monarch are found in the reign of Loralai, Balochistan and western Pakistan.

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