Gold Stellas pattern coin

17 Jul 2020  Fri

Around 1879 to 1880 the 4 dollars Stellas was considered as pattern coinage, yet they were handled and collected as regular issues as proof coins. Jonh A. Kasson with the help of Dr William Wheeler Hubbell designed these coins for the international trade. These coins did not gain the public support and acceptance, hence the production was halted.

These coins were issued in two varieties called, Coiled Hair and Flowing Hair (the hairstyle of the portrait on the obverse side). The coiled Hair tube was rare among the two. The date 1879 and 1880 are considered rarest date depicted in coiled hair type of this gold coin, there only 12 coins minted in these dates.

The featured image of this article depicts the 1879 Coiled hair type of 4 dollar Stella gold coin. This coin was sold by the David Lawrence rare coin is 2017 for just over 1,000,000 dollars.

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