1854 cover sent from Geneva to Paris is to fetch USD 151,000

17 Jul 2020  Fri

Corinphila commenced an auction of great range of philatelic material from Erivan and other remarkable collection. This auction was held on to 7th December in the firm’s Zurich gallery. Worldwide stamps and postal history, it also consist collection of European transit mail to 1880, Austria and Austrian Levant.

The highlight of this auction is the 45 lots of the Erivan Switzerland collection 1854 cover sent from Geneva to Paris. The cover is franked with a block of four and a block of three of the 1850 Geneva 5-centime black and red Cross and Post Horn stamp.

This cover is offered by the auction for $151,000 in the sale. It will be a spectacular specimen for the any philatelic collection.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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