A delight for the sweet-tooth

15 Jul 2020  Wed

Every year PUMed organizes a stamp issue among its entire member based on the common theme. In 2020, a joint issue themed ‘Traditional gastronomy in the Mediterranean’ is followed. As a member, Maltese which is well known for having a ‘Sweet tooth’ with wheat and sugar becoming the backbone for the deserts in the nation. The Malta Post is offering for the PubMed 2020 is Maltese Sweet delicacies.

The three stamps feature the Maltese’s dessert ‘Biskuttini tar-Rahal’, ‘Qaghaq tal-ganglion’, and ‘Pasta Roza bil-Gewz tal-indi’. The stamp features Biskuttini tar-rahal- it’s the traditional dessert given out on the special occasion.

The second stamp features Qaghaq tal-ganglion-an extremely popular dessert with the locals and available all over Malta. The third stamp shows Pasta Roza bl-gewz tal-Indi-it originated in Australia and came to Malta.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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