Emperor Septimius Severus

14 Jul 2020  Tue

Emperor Septimius Severus was the founder of the Severan dynasty of Rome, it was the last dynasty before the crisis of the third century. He ruled Rome, between 193 to 211 CE and his territory occupied around two million square miles.

The military expenditure of the emperor was an expensive affair for the empire, yet his strong ability to administrate and war tactics secured the borders of the empire. He also is known for his distinguish building like the triumphal arch and Septizodium. The part of Flavian Place overlooking the Circus Maximus was built during his reign.

The above-shown silver denarius was issued in the reign of Emperor Severus. The obverse of this coin depicts the bust of the emperor facing right with the divided legend ‘LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPIIII’ inscribed around it. The reverse of this coin depicts Jupiter- King of Roman gods seated on a chair facing right, holding Victory in right hand and spear in the left hand and divided legend ‘PMTRPIIICOSIIIPP’ depicted around it.

Image Courtesy: numismatic.org

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