Birth Anniversary of Owen Chamberlain

10 Jul 2020  Fri

Owen Chamberlain, American physicist, who shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1959 with Emilio Segre for their discovery of the antiproton.

He joined the Manhattan Project in 1942 after his graduate studies were interrupted by World War II. Chamberlain worked under Professor Emilio Segre at the University of California, Berkeley and at Los Alamos. He investigated nuclear cross sections for intermediate-energy neutrons and the spontaneous fission of heavy elements, and was present for the Trinity test in 1945.

After the war's end, Chamberlain traveled to Hiroshima and was profoundly disturbed by the experience, which led to an interest in causes including human rights, nonviolence, and free speech. Gabon Postal Department has issued a sheet for the Centennial of the Nobel Prize Fund imprinted Nine Nobel Prize Winners. Owen Chamberlain is also one of them.

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