Spink auction offered ‘medio real’ for 250,000 Euros

08 Jul 2020  Wed

The magnificent ‘Lugano’ collection of Venezuela is going to sell on the 26th of April. It contains a great Variety of rarities including the two errors of color and the tete-beche block of six. Almost all lots are offered with a certificate of authenticity. It is one of the most vital items present in the sale of the ‘Medio Real’ red with an error of color.

This stamp is considered the most important item of the Venezuelan philately. These 1/2r stamps were printed in yellow and orange shades but 2r value was printed in the red possessing excellent margin and clearly showing frame lines.

This stamp was the most important specimen in the famed collection of Venezuela formed by H.R.Hamer mainly in the pre-WWII period. He exhibited his collection in 1950 and attracted the attention of the philatelic world. This stamp was also part of the Ferrari collection.

The rarity of this stamp is being comparably famous to Uruguay 1858 180c. This stamp is expected to fetch 250,000 or roughly 269,687 dollars.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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