Treasury Notes of Ukraine

08 Jul 2020  Wed

The federal government offers three categories of fixed-income securities to consumers and investors to fund its operations: Treasury bonds, Treasury notes, and Treasury bills.

Also known as T-notes, a Treasury note is a marketable debt security with a fixed interest rate and a maturity between one and 10 years. T-notes also generate interest payments twice a year. But because the terms offered by T-notes are lower than T-bonds, they offer lower yields.

Ukrainian Treasury Notes are remarkable and the most beautiful of all. The above-shown note is a treasury note of Ukraine issued in the year 1918 with the denomination of 1000 Karbovantsiv. Designed by Gregory Zolotov, the obverse depicts denomination within an intricate ornamental vignette.

The Reverse depicts denomination in the center encircled in a round frame with trident above. Allegorical images of affluence and prosperity are on both sides of the frame.

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