Yummy cake on Croatian post

07 Jul 2020  Tue

A special ‘Pumped’ cake is illustrated by Croatia Post. Pumped is Traditional Mediterranean Gastronomy’ basically a Rab cake-a dessert made of almonds, aromatic lemons and tart cherry liqueur with a touch of sun. It is more than desert; it’s the legacy of the town and every house in it that passed through generations.

Raska Torta is a traditional cake originating from Croatian Island of Rab. It was first served to Pope Alexander III in 1177. This decadent cake is characterized by its significant spiral shape and ingredients such as almonds, lemon zest, orange zest, and Maraschino Liqueur.

It was served only on the most important holidays, weddings, baptizing, and other important occasions. The cake is a popular souvenir because it has a shelf life of about two months.

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