Correos issued a stamp on the tradition of Stewardship

06 Jul 2020  Mon

This stamp is dedicated to the Virgen Collado Stewardship, Correos revels one of the oldest traditions still preserved in eastern Andalusia. It is the secular custom with its original roots in medieval Spain. Its main symbol is the ‘picture of the Virgen del Collado’. The stamp depicts the moments the central poll of the ‘picture’ is taken by the new steward and his companions before the image of the Virgen Del Collado and her devotees.

The first mention of this tradition is found in the 14th century capitulate books. The tradition was already celebrated as a group of devotional demonstrations devoted to the Virgen del Collado whose image appeared on 26th April 1232 to the laborer.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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