Plebiscite of Olsztyn and Allenstein

06 Jul 2020  Mon

After the defeat of Germany in World War I, a plebiscite was held in 1920 to determine whether the people of the region, including Allenstein, wished to remain in East Prussia or become part of Poland.

In order to advertise the plebiscite, special postage stamps were produced by overprinting German stamps and sold. One kind of overprint read PLEBISCITE / OLSZTYN / WALLENSTEIN, while the other read TRAITE / DE / VERSAILLES / ART. Each overprint was applied to 14 values ranging from 5 Pf to 3 M.

According to the Treaty of Versailles, Allenstein Plebiscite Area was part of the western and northern boundary of the Allenstein Government Region to its junction with the boundary between the districts of Oletzko andAngerburgwas the part of the northern boundary of the Oletzko District to its junction with the old frontier of East Prussia.

The plebiscite was held on 11 July, and resulting in a clear wish to remain in East Prussia. The stamps became invalid on 20 August 1920. Despite their short period of use, almost all of the stamps are cheaply available both used and unused.

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