Oman Post’s Fight with Covid-19

03 Jul 2020  Fri

Oman Post launches a stamp to recognize the Sultanate’s fight against COVID19. The stamp was issued on 22nd July to honor the service of the country's essential workers during the corona virus pandemic.

Whether it be doctors, nurses, police officers, military and security forces, journalists, postal workers, or those working in essential service, they are the once who teach the preciousness of life. Their sacrifice to make the country better is immense. Hence, the Oman postal service wanted to express gratitude to workers but also create a lasting memory.

The stamp comes with the denomination of 500 Omani baisa and stamps features illustrations of health workers, cleaners and postal service employees. The postal service confirmed 40 per cent of the profits from the stamps will go to supporting national efforts to contain the virus and treat the unwell through a new endowment fund by the Ministry of Health.

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