Innovations of Finnish honored on stamps

30 Jun 2020  Tue

Internationally famous designs of Finnish are marked by the Posti in the set of six stamps. It was designed by Susanna Rumpa and Ari Lakaniemi. It showcases the ‘heart Monitor’, ‘Xylitol’, the Rapala wobbler’, the Abloy lock’, ‘the pedestrian safety reflector’, and ‘the winter tire’.

The heart rate monitor was invented by the proffer of the University of Oulu in 1977. The second stamp depicts women blowing a bubble with sugar-free chewing gum, it honors the 1974 invention of Xylitol. The third stamp commemorated the Wobbler fish lure handicraft by Lauri Rapala in 1936.

The fourth stamp depicts Abloy lock invented by Emil Henriksson in 1907 The fifth stamp honors creations of the pedestrian safety reflector in 1965. The last and sixth stamp highlights the invention of the first snow tires in 1934 by Nokian Tyres.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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