Saparmurat Hajji Mosque featured on 10,000 Manat Banknote

27 Jun 2020  Sat

One of the most beautiful buildings in Turkmenistan, The Saparmurat Hajji Mosque was built on the orders of the first President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov. It was erected in memory of the soldiers and defenders of the Fortress Gokedepe.

This mosque is a prominent landmark of Turkmenistan. Its main characteristics are its sky-blue dome surrounded by four lower blue half domes. The four minarets here are 63 meters high to represent the age at which the Prophet Muhammad died.

The mosque subsequently became something of a national symbol for the country’s struggles and adorned the reverse of one of Turkmenistan’s 10,000 manat notes until a new series of currency was introduced in 2005.

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